Workers Compensation in the Linen Supply Industry

As more and more hospitals, hotels, prisons, and related businesses outsource their linen services, suppliers and launderers are seeing increased growth throughout the sector. This means more employees working in linen supply, and a greater need than ever for linen supply companies insurance to include comprehensive workers compensation.

Dangers of Exposure

Employees at linen supply companies face particular risk of exposure to biohazards and toxins. Linens which are returned in soiled conditions, place the workers who handle those fabrics in danger of contracting bacterial infections or diseases. Ironically, it is also the strong chemicals that are used to clean such messes that pose additional hazards to employees. Linen supply companies insurance can support the costs of claims made against these health issues.

Risks of Injury

Workers in this sector are often charged with transporting large loads, which can lead to slips, falls, and other on-the-job injuries. There are also risks for heat stress, burns, and machinery injury at companies which offer services like linen steaming and pressing. It is important to train employees to use effective safely measures, but when disaster strikes, workers compensation coverage can help mitigate the costs of injury.

Linen supply companies insurance is offered in many comprehensive package options. In this growing industry, however, workers compensation is one of the most important policy options to invest in.