Why You Should Have a Deductible Reimbursement Policy


Deductible Reimbursement Policy

Although most people already know the importance of comprehensive, quality insurance coverage, some people don’t know about how beneficial a deductible reimbursement policy (DRP) can be for their company. While a DRP isn’t for everyone, it could be highly advantageous for your business.

About the Policy

So, who should get one of these policies, anyway? If you have commercial general liability or workers comp, this could be a smart choice. Also, a deductible reimbursement policy works out well for business auto, property, and professional liability. If the deductible payments are greater than $500,000, you can find a superior insurance company that will exceed your expectations. Plus, you should look into captive solutions also. If you want to minimize third party insurance charges, have insurance premiums that come in manageable cycles, and have more control of claims services and risk management practices, you need to look into a DRP. Additionally, if you have other lines in business and want to leverage the captive assets to insurers, this policy will be very valuable.

Get Started

If a deductible reimbursement policy sounds like the right move for your business, don’t push off contacting a specialist. After all, there is no telling when one of these policies will come in handy, so you should protect yourself with high-quality coverage now. Do business with a top-notch insurance company and talk with an expert today.