Why You Need Specialty Homeowners Insurance


If you own a home, specialty homeowners insurance is something you should consider. This type of insurance covers many things that are not typically covered by traditional forms to homeowners insurance. There are a few very important areas that specialty insurance covers.

Fire and Lightening

Many insurance companies exclude an ‘act of God’ from their policies. This is odd, considering that’s usually when you need it most. That is why specialty insurance exists. Most insurance policies of this nature cover both fire and lightening to allow you and your home to recover after a truly random and unforeseeable circumstance.

Burglary and Vandalism

Burglary and vandalism are huge worries for any homeowner. There is no predicting it, and usually very little possibility to prevent it. That is why specialty homeowners insurance is so important. It provides for the ability to recoup some or all of the price of items lost during a burglary.


Riots and civil commotion are a real problem in some areas. That is why specialty homeowners provides for this happening. If your home is damaged during a riot or uprising, this type of policy can help you to recover and move on from the damage.

Specialty insurance is important for a number of reasons. There are many more areas which are covered by this type of homeowners insurance. Check with a trusted insurance provider to find out more.