Why Social Workers Should Seek Individual Insurance Coverage

Social workers have a reputation for working hard in a difficult industry. This industry can be made even more difficult by insurance complications. While many social work agencies are insured, some policies might not extend to individual workers for various types of lawsuits. If you’re a social worker, you may want to double check your agency’s policy to see if you need extra social services professional liability coverage. With the various risks social workers are exposed to, you may find that this niche coverage can make you feel more secure at work.

While general liability coverage can be useful if something is damaged or someone is injured, you could still be sued for negligence or malpractice. In this case, professional liability can help protect you against these issues as well as misrepresentation. The unique nature of the job can expose you to these risks, like appearing in court for a case against a client. If you are not yet a social worker, but are looking to become one, you may find that professional liability insurance is a requirement for individual social workers. Social workers are often involved in legal dealings, but the right amount of social services professional liability coverage can keep them safe professionally, making an already difficult job somewhat more comfortable to complete.