Why Laundry Businesses Need Bailee Coverage

If you operate any kind of laundry service, then you are likely responsible for potentially hundreds of customer garments at one time. By protecting your customers’ property with a bailee insurance policy, you eliminate the stress of holding someone else’s possessions.

Disaster Protection

While in your care, customers’ garments can become damaged due to a variety of catastrophic circumstances. Excess rainwater can lead to flooding of your facility and subsequent water damage. Even a small fire can damage clothing, or else engage automatic sprinklers that leave sensitive garments soaking wet.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, or the result of vandalism or building malfunction, you don’t want to worry about the costs of reimbursing your customers for their property.

Day-to-Day Protection

In addition to disaster coverage, a bailee insurance policy can protect during your daily operations. Mistakes by employees or simple bad luck can lead to damaged or lost garments at several points throughout your commitment to the customer:

  • When performing the actual cleaning service
  • During delivery to or from the customer’s home
  • While in storage, waiting for pickup

No matter the reason, you’re protected during this lengthy time period where anything can happen. Your bailee insurance policy gives you the ability to make it right for your customer, helping you retain their business following any disasters or mistakes.