What You Should Know About Active Shooter Insurance


As a superintendent or school official, you know that there are specific risks associated with educational facilities. For most of the year, your facilities are populated by many minors for much of the day. One exposure that has arisen in recent years is that associated with an active shooter incident. This specific risk is one that you cannot afford to ignore, especially since other types of insurance protection may be largely insufficient. Here’s what you should know about active shooter insurance for schools.

Understanding Active Shooter Insurance Protection

You may be wondering what to look for in an active shooter insurance policy. A good policy should include the following features:

  • Coverage for both indemnity and expenses
  • Crisis management
  • Risk management services
  • Includes coverage for acts of terrorism

The right policy will be clear on its coverages, terms, conditions and definitions for insured schools and educational institutions.

Determining Preparedness

A good active shooter policy should also cover resources needed to assess your current level of risk management. Your policy should be pro-active, which requires understanding where your schools stand with active shooter plans and determining areas and details that require further addressing and protection. The overall goal of active shooter insurance should be minimizing exposure to risk through use of management measures that are tailored to the specific needs of your campuses.