What You Need To Know About Heavy Equipment Insurance


When your business relies on heavy equipment to provide services and create high-quality products, you need to protect those pieces every day. Though careful use and regular maintenance can help, you still need to invest in heavy equipment insurance to fully protect your investment. These policies are supplemental coverage options that round out your standard business insurance policies to provide comprehensive protection for your company.

What the Coverage Offers

Industrial equipment insurance coverage protects the heavy equipment your business relies on from unexpected damage and hazards. It’s ideal for business owners that use cranes, construction equipment, forklifts and loaders in the course of their regular operation. The policy covers all components of the equipment, helping spare you from costly out-of-pocket repairs.

That said, the coverage only applies to the equipment itself. If you’re looking to fully protect your equipment, you’ll want to invest in the following supplemental options:

Adding these coverage options to your standard industrial equipment insurance plan will protect your investment completely. If anything happens and your business has to shut down until the equipment gets repaired, the supplemental plans will help offset those costs.

If you rely on heavy equipment for your business, insurance is the best way to ensure your company can continue running at all times. Make sure your equipment is protected and invest in equipment coverage before your first breakdown.