What You Need to Know About Carnets


You may have heard that a Carnet ATA can save your business a lot of money on import taxes and duty fees. This is good news for those with transitory dealings in neighboring nations.

What Is a Carnet?

The Carnet, itself, is an international Customs document. During your travel period, you can use it to bypass the usual Customs requirements for the importation of your goods. “ATA” stands for a French and English hybrid term: “Admission Temporaire-Temporary Admission.” As evidenced by this label, your commerce abroad must be temporary. Carnets are typically valid for one year, and they serve as securities against any Customs duties that may become due if your goods are not exported or your Carnet expires.

Why Use a Carnet ATA?

A Carnet can significantly simplify the Customs process when you’re importing your goods, especially if you’re traveling through multiple countries. Without this document, you may be required to go through all the different Customs channels in place for each of the nations you visit. The Carnet is a single document that you can use for transporting goods in over 90 different countries, and it can be used for multiple entries and exits, as long as they fall within the one-year validity period.

The Only Way to Travel

Talk to your trade and transportation specialist today about how a Carnet can save you money and hassle during your next business venture.