What Type of Classic Car Coverage Do You Need?


Whether you’re a serious collector of classic automobiles or just have one vintage vehicle, your coverage needs aren’t likely to be met by a traditional car insurance policy. In order to guard your investment of money and time, consider working with a company that specializes in classic collector insurance.

It’s Hard to Put a Price on Sentimental Value

To the vehicle enthusiast, an automobile is more than just a means of transportation. Some spend years searching out just the right parts to restore a classic model to its original splendor. Others frequent auctions or estate sales in order to accumulate a collection of a particular brand or model year. For those who have a passion for cars, there is much more to their vehicles than the potential costs of repairs or replacement. A classic car insurance company understands the diverse needs of automobile enthusiasts and can help you choose a policy that is tailored to your priorities.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Most cars depreciate over time, but many classic and collector vehicles remain stable or increase in value over time. A classic collector insurance company can work with you to determine whether you’re better off purchasing coverage for an agreed-upon value or stated value policy. A company that specializes in classic vehicles also understands that the car that’s driven only to shows should be insured differently from the one that’s driven every weekend. Many collectors also have specialty parts, accessories, or memorabilia associated with their car collection, and these items may need coverage as well.

Your classic or collector car means more to you than its monetary value. Your best option for protecting it is to work with an insurance company that understands your priorities.