What To Do In Case of Valet Damage

If you’ve recently purchased the souped-up speed machine on four wheels that you’ve always dreamed of, discovering that a valet service has damaged her somehow can be equal parts frustrating and disappointing. What should you do if the valet brings back your car and it’s damaged?

Stay Calm and Stay Professional

Anytime you hand the keys over to a third party make sure that you’ve thoroughly inspected your vehicle, being sure to snap a few before and after pictures on your phone. If you notice damage when you pick it up from the valet, ask to speak to the manager.

Show them your evidence as proof of your claim. Any valet service worth its salt has valet parking insurance, so be clear that you expect the valet to take care of this. If you’re not sure what valet insurance covers, check U.S. Risk programs for a comprehensive list. Be sure that this is either recorded by video, is written down on paper or best of all, both. Exchange insurance information and hopefully, your insurance company will take it from there. If the valet service flat-out ignores your claim, you can decide for yourself if it’s worth taking legal action or not.

Trusting to your car to just anybody can be a scary consideration, but be prepared ahead of time in case there’s a fender-bender of some kind. Nobody wants this to happen, but accidents are a reality of being human.