What Life Insurance Policy is Right for You?


There are a variety of policies you can purchase when you are considering insurance in Florida. While it is common to insure your home and automobile, it may also be a good idea to protect your life. Life insurance offers many valuable benefits, and there are different plans available to meet your needs.

Whole Life

Several people who purchase life insuranceĀ inĀ Florida like whole life plans. This type of plan grows in value as you make payments. It will safeguard you during your entire lifetime, as long as you do not default on your premiums. With a whole life plan, you receive protection equal to the face value of the policy.

Term Life

A more affordable life insurance option is a term life plan. You can purchase this type of policy for a specific length of time (or term). There are different levels of protection available depending on your needs and budgets. Plus, you can convert this plan to permanent coverage in the event that your needs change.

Universal Life

For flexibility with your life insurance policy, universal life plans may be ideal. The premiums vary, and the cash value increases based on the interest rates.

Life insurance is a valuable investment, and an insurance agent can help you determine what plan is right for you. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your assets and family are protected when you are no longer alive.