What Is RBT Liability Insurance?

Organizations with Registered Behavioral Technicians providing therapy services face distinctive types of risks during their practices. Managing those risks effectively is critical to ensuring continued success and growth. This short guide explains some insurance basics, including RBT liability insurance and how it fits into your risk management strategy. 

An Overview of RBT Insurance

RBT professionals use Applied Behavioral Analysis when working with clients, but they work under ongoing supervision by BCBAs or RBT supervisors. Nevertheless, these professionals and the organizations employing them contend with similar risks: automobile accidents, abuse allegations, on-the-job illnesses and more. Insurance for RBT providers covers similar types of risks for ABA providers:

  • Professional liability for claims of errors, omissions and neglect
  • General liability to handle property damage and bodily injury claims
  • Non-owned auto liability to pay injury and damage claims from employees driving their own vehicles
  • Sexual misconduct/abuse for  defense and protection in claims of misconduct and abuse
  • Worker’s compensation for medical care and rehab related to work injuries and illnesses

Selecting an Insurer

You need insurance that addresses your organization’s risk picture. Meanwhile, your insurer should also demonstrate a solid understanding of those unique risks. Keep these points in mind when shopping for your company’s  RBT liability coverage.