What Is Keyword Mapping and Do You Need To Do It?

A successful search engine optimization strategy includes many components. Knowledge of your target audience, keyword research, link-building and other elements play crucial roles in your plan to secure a high search rank. Keyword mapping is a technique that can help you achieve desirable rankings for your webpages.

What Does It Mean To Map Keywords?

Mapping keywords is the process of selecting a primary keyword or key phrases for each page of your insurance website. Search engines rank each webpage separately for their search results pages. A map of your key terms assigns the main word or phrase of your page with supporting keywords as well. Creating a plan for your content gives you a better chance to connect with customers in need of your services. Skipping this part of the SEO process leaves your visibility to chance, reducing the opportunity to gain new clients.

What Is the Process of Keyword Mapping?

If you invest time in creating valuable digital content, you want to ensure people can find it. The method of developing a map of key terms includes:

  • Research keywords.
  • Consider volume.
  • Determine relevance.
  • Group-related terms.
  • Choose a primary focus.
  • Monitor results.

Just like a roadmap, creating a keyword map sets your campaign up for success. Taking the time to plan your webpages is vital in determining whether your insurance agency continues to grow and thrive.