Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Alcohol Service Claims


Having adequate liquor liability insurance for bars is a good start for business owners, but it is not the only way to limit any potential claims. People who own any company that serves alcohol, including restaurants, night clubs, and pubs, should take steps to prevent any injury or incident as a result of that service. Here are a few tips that can help you and your staff limit the potential for alcohol-related claims.

Effective Training

You cannot be at your establish every minute to make sure your staff is serving alcohol responsibly. Take the time to train your staff and include pointers about refusal of service if a patron is intoxicated. Inexperienced or young workers need tools to address inebriated costumers with confidence and authority.


Underage drinking is not only a serious social issue; it can also cause you to lose your business. Be sure your staff understands the importance of checking identification according to the law.


When your workers prepare mixed drinks, they should measure alcohol strictly. If the drinks are too strong, you may be losing product while serving more liquor than necessary.

Safe Travels

Encourage responsible drinking, but also have a clear policy about designated drivers or taxi service for patrons who have one too many. Keeping drunk drivers off the road is important for more than just maintaining liquor liability insurance for bars.

These practices can reduce your liability risk as a business owner. Your entire staff should work together to stay professional and keep your clients safe both at your establishment and after they leave.