Ways Home Health Providers Can Help Prevent Patient Falls


Home healthcare workers work hard to follow the Hippocratic oath and do no harm. However, without the right precautions, workers can inadvertently cause patient’s additional harm through simple mistakes. Fall prevention is part of the national patient safety goals.

Medication Side Effects

As referenced on www.manchesterspecialty.com, the side effects of medication can cause additional risks for hospice and home health care patients. Providers should help patients when they are moving around their home. Removing obstacles that can cause a fall is one way to help when the provider is not in the home.

Assistive Device Use

Some patients may benefit from using devices to help them move around. Canes and walkers are helpful but must be used correctly to reduce the risks of a fall. Some patients may need the benefits of an electric scooter to improve their mobility. Education on how to properly use these devices can help the patient move safely.

Helpful Device Installation

Slips and falls are common in bathrooms because of the slipperiness of water and soap. Installing handrails and grip mats in the bathroom allows the patient to increase their mobility and stay safe. They can use the handrails to help them sit and get off the toilet and stand in the shower.

National patient safety goals are to help healthcare providers reduce the hazards facing patients. These are only a few ways to prevent patient falls.