Using Social Media as an Insurance Selling Tool

The value of social media as a tool for marketing and selling insurance is becoming clear for the industry as a whole. Look at the recent Esurance campaign during the Super Bowl where a 30-second ad ran telling viewers they can win a $1.5 million by tweeting a certain hashtag. The following day 2.39 million people had entered the contest, including 200,000 entries that streamed in within one minute of the spot airing.

Now while all campaigns will not be at the level of Esurance, many insurance agencies have embraced tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their insurance social media platforms to varying degrees. They and others realize they can expand their marketplace with a targeted social media effort.

A good way to promote your company’s services and products

Consider the fact that both Facebook and Twitter offer you the ability to showcase your personality as well as the personality of your insurance agency and can also help to assure customers that they matter to you. On Facebook, most posts are geared toward being fun and amusing. But you can also post about things that you are doing for charity, for your community, what’s going on in your community, with an occasional post that is self-promotional, focusing on things you can do to help others with from a business standpoint.

Through Twitter an agent is able to communicate to their customers that the agency is available and is listening to them, which is what any consumer wants to hear from their insurance agent, especially as they’re going through a claim or disaster of some kind. You can tweet about recent weather reports, provide tips to stay safe, what to do to prevent property damage, etc. Consumers really just want to know that their insurance agent is there for them.

Of course, with both Facebook and Twitter posts, everything should lead back to your website because it’s your home on the web where you put all your content, where you can educate visitors and customers. In the end, it’s all about building relationships and connecting and social media gives you another platform to do so.