Top Risk Management Tips That Temporary Staffing Agencies Should Keep in Mind


When you’re at the helm of a temporary staffing agency, you understand that the many moving parts mean having to mitigate a number of risks as well. You may already have insurance from, but for complete peace of mind, it’s best to have a full risk management plan in case an unexpected event occurs.

Consider the Several Risk Types You Take On Through Your Staff

When your business is providing staff to other companies, there are several inherent risks that could be attached. For instance, you may find that:

  • Your staff makes a mistake that harms the company they’re sent to
  • Physical injury occurs on the company’s property

The different risk types will require different solutions. For example, you may want to couple a strong insurance policy with a requirement for running background checks on any potential employees.

Build Safety Steps Directly Into Your Operations

The best way to mitigate regular risk is to build safety right into your daily operations. For example, make sure to verify staff licenses or certifications, conduct drug screenings as needed and more.

While the staffing industry provides a lot of benefit to many types of companies and has several upsides, it’s important to realize that it involves some inherent risks as well. Your best bet for being prepared is coming up with a solid risk management plan for your company, just in case something out of the blue should happen.