Top 3 Tips for Teen Drivers and Their Parents

A teenager’s initial experience driving a car is a step toward adulthood and real independence. As a parent, your concerns about the cost of VA auto insurance for young drivers, their safety, and the best car are natural. Keeping premiums down is possible by implementing safe driving tips.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Teenage drivers are three times more likely to crash than adults. Thankfully, you can play a significant role in preventing your young driver from causing an accident. Here are the top three tips for teenage drivers.

  1. Minimize distractions. When you get in the car, turn off your cell phone, avoid eating or drinking, and don’t play with the radio.
  2. Choose a safe car. Look for safety features such as front and side airbags, automatic headlights, and electronic stability control. These options can also lower your VA auto insurance rates.
  3. Practice defensive driving. Make sure your teen driver practices driving techniques to minimize accidents, such as checking the intersection at a green light before proceeding.

Consider investing in a teen safe-driving course. The more practice young drivers have behind the wheel, the better their driving record.

Implementing Your Rules

Even in states with graduated licensing programs, parents should implement their own rules. Driving is a privilege that teenagers can earn as they show responsibility.