Top 3 Benefits of Social Services Liability Insurance

Social service organizations can make a tremendously beneficial impact on their clients. Like any other business, however, they face risks. Social services professional liability insurance is an excellent way to prevent the high costs and work disruptions that often come with a lawsuit. If your business isn’t fully insured, read about these three benefits to educate yourself on why you should consider full coverage:

It Proves You’re a Professional

Therapists and social workers pride themselves on the quality of their service. Having a good coverage plan can set you apart from the competition and strengthen your business’s credibility.

It Expands on Your General Liability Plan

Typical, general liability coverage protects you against property damage and bodily harm, but social services professional liability insurance takes it one step farther. It might cover financial losses in the event of a malpractice, negligence or misrepresentation claim.

It Covers Court Expenses

It is not uncommon for professionals to be subpoenaed to testify in court regarding the activities of clients. Insurance can reimburse costs if you had to miss work for an extended period of time.

Social services professional liability insurance can give you a chance to continue doing the work you love during a setback. Consider getting insured to maintain financial well being in case you’re ever faced with a lawsuit.