Tips to Create Ergonomic Working Conditions for Cleaning and Janitorial Staff


Cleaning and janitorial staff have to contend with a lot of on-the-job risks of injury. It’s imperative for employers to be mindful about accident prevention, but proactively preventing repetitive stress injuries is also extremely important. Giving people equipment that’ minimizes the effort and strain involved with certain physical activities can help avoid injury and enhance productivity.

Equip Your Staff With High-Quality Carts or Dollies

Making it easier to transport bulky or heavy items is one of the most vital components of good ergonomics for janitors. You should provide adequately sized carts so staff won’t have to carry things any farther than they need to. Bear in mind that carts have to be easy to maneuver; if a cart is difficult to operate, staff may simply decide that they don’t want to use it.

Give Your Staff Lightweight Equipment

While rolling carts and dollies can spare people from some of the strain associated with using large or heavy equipment, you also have to consider the weight of staff’s most frequently used equipment and supplies. When you purchase vacuums and mopping equipment, be sure to review items’ weight when you’re comparing specifications.

Ultimately, taking steps to make work less physically demanding for janitorial staff safeguards their health and well-being. Furthermore, a commitment to safety creates a positive impression on clients.