Three Ways to Reduce Shelf Collapse in a Warehouse

Collapsing shelves cause damage to the items on the shelves and those hit by them on the way down. The shelves can also injury nearby employees and cost the company unnecessary financial loss. These tips can help your warehouse in preventing shelve collapse.

Weight Capacity

To avoid overloading a shelf, you need to know what the weight capacity is for the shelf and the shelving unit as a whole. Ideally, the shelf would not reach the top weight capacity. Keeping the shelf weight below the threshold can help extend the life of the shelf and avoid collapse.

Shelf Spacing

Warehouses have lift trucks and dollies moving throughout the warehouse. Without enough room to maneuver, the employee can inadvertently hit a shelf causing collapse. Ensure there is plenty of room between shelving units for trucks and other object movers to maneuver around.

Adequate Height

Spacing shelves properly allows the right amount of materials placed on each shelf. For those shelves needing to be loaded by a forklift, make sure there is enough room for the forks for easy loading and unloading. According to HILB Group of Florida, costly mistakes can happen because of tight clearances.
Preventing shelve collapse keeps workers safe and minimizes the risk in the warehouse. Not all accidents can be avoided but using these tips can lower the risk of one.