Three Reasons to Consider ATA Carnet Insurance


If you are traveling with a Carnet, you probably have goods you would like to keep safe and sound during your journey. Purchasing ATA Carnet insurance provides the following advantages.


1. Paperwork Protection


Although that bundle of colored paperwork might seem hard to miss, losing or damaging your Carnet is possible and can cause a considerable hassle if you are unprepared. Carnet insurance can include quick replacement of your paperwork should any accidents befall it.


2. To Be Certain You Are Covered the Entire Length of Your Journey


Standard cargo insurance does not always cover goods when they are not in transit. Many of the products shipped with a Carnet are intended for use while abroad, and Carnet insurance will cover those goods while they are in use as well as during travel.


3. So You Know that Someone is Always On Your Side


Navigating international travel regulations can be especially challenging when something goes awry. If your goods are stolen or lost in transit, customs will need to know why the items on your General List are missing. When you purchase Carnet Insurance, you are also purchasing the assistance of agents ready and willing to assist you should any travel trouble arise.


ATA Carnet insurance is a wise investment and can be an invaluable tool when transporting goods between the many countries that accept ATA Carnets.