Three Important Things to Know About Buying Auto Insurance in Connecticut


Auto insurance in Connecticut is a legal requirement. While the state mandates you must have coverage, many of the details are left up to you to decide. That is why it is helpful to be aware of a few key points when buying your auto insurance.

The Greatest Influence on Your Rates

Insurance rates are only partially based on your personal history. A larger factor is what group you fall into. The company groups individuals based upon certain personal details and then determines rates based on the overall group.

Available Discounts

Your insurance agent may check for some of the more common discounts, but he or she may not know if you qualify for certain discounts until you ask about them. Discounts may be given for meeting certain criteria, like not having any accidents within a specific time frame, or for things like membership in clubs or organizations, employment within specific industries or even for adding security to your vehicle.

Review Your Policy

Once your policy is written, you still need to read through it carefully. Make sure that there are no mistakes. A mistake in personal information could actually change your rates, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or point out something that looks wrong.

Getting auto insurance in Connecticut is a legal responsibility, but you have to ability to make sure you get the best rates by shopping smart and understanding how rates are determined.