Three Fun Facts About Saving on Your Homeowners Insurance


Your home is probably the largest purchase you’ll ever make. Why take any chances when it comes to protecting it from damage that may occur from a natural disaster or another catastrophic event like a fire or flood? It’s time to find home insurance in Connecticut. Here are three ways to lower your costs that you may not be aware of:

  1. Homes near fire departments and water hydrants may cost less to insure – That’s right! You might pay lower insurance premiums if you live near a fire department, especially if it is highly rated. This is determined by a variety of factors, including their effectiveness of dispatching fire alarms and your community’s water supply.
  2. A better credit score could get you a lower rate – If you have a solid credit history that consists of you paying bills on time and keeping your credit balances low, you have a better chance of obtaining a lower rate on your home insurance in Connecticut.
  3. Being loyal to an insurance company could save you money – Oftentimes, if you remain with the same company for a number of years, they offer a loyalty discount. Other discounts are probably available, too, so be sure to ask when you first sign up for a policy.

Protecting your home is not something you should take lightly, and finding great home insurance in Connecticut is important. Do your research so you can select a company with confidence. Enjoy your house instead of worrying about whether or not you’re covered.