The Importance of Insurance for Productions

When it comes to making movies and other entertainment content, there are a variety of inherent risks involved. Careful attention to detail as well as regular caution will help minimize these risks, but it is always important for producers to obtain a production insurance policy.

Who Needs a Production Insurance Policy?

Any large-scale entertainment project, such as film and television, should be protected with a production insurance policy. If one’s project is using hired help, such as filmmakers, camerapersons and actors, a decent policy is needed to protect everyone involved. Such a policy will protect not only the producer of the project, but also the entire crew as well.

What Should Be Covered?

A good, comprehensive policy will cover a project from a variety of legal liabilities. Depending upon the genre of the entertainment piece being produced, there is always a degree of physical risks when it comes to working on a set. Personal injury legal fees can be staggering, so it is vital to obtain a policy that includes protections for such instances. Additionally, equipment is an asset that needs to be protected as well. A good policy will protect all purchased and borrowed equipment in the event of damage, loss or theft.

Production insurance is essential for any large-scale entertainment project. Projects are unique just like their creators, so it is important to obtain a policy geared toward the project’s specific set of needs.