The Dangers of Food Contamination in Bars and Taverns

Though many come to bars and taverns to enjoy alcoholic beverages, these establishments offer meals as well. Since their employees handle food items, bar and tavern owners must be aware of the dangers associated with food contamination. Many insurers have launched food contamination prevention initiatives because it poses such a liability.

Contamination Sources

Some food items are more prone to contamination than others. Meat and seafood products can develop various kinds of bacteria, which is why they must be carefully inspected and monitored. There have been cases where owners unknowingly purchased rotten meat from a slaughterhouse and cooked and served it to customers. Contaminants can emerge when food items are mismanaged. For instance, some workers failed to refrigerate egg and dairy products, causing them to spoil. Others did not wash the kitchen tools they used and spread all sorts of germs as they prepared specific meals.

Strict Guidelines

Owners can prevent contamination by maintaining certain hygiene standards. They should mandate that all workers wash their hands throughout their shifts. They should require that employees wear hairnets and gloves. Food should be stored properly. It should be kept in well-sealed containers. Perishable foods should be refrigerated and dried goods should be placed in moisture-free locations.

Food contamination is very serious. Fortunately, people can do things to prevent it.