The Danger of Gaps in Malpractice Insurance


Allied healthcare involves hundreds of positions across the healthcare industry, each with a specific degree of training and expertise. This variance can make searching for insurance products difficult, but an experienced insurance professional can help you find the right policy. Regardless of your provider position in the allied healthcare categories, you should be able to customize an insurance policy with a price you can afford. Allied malpractice insurance can be one of the most important products you buy.

During your search for malpractice insurance, look for certain key details, like claims-made coverage. In order for this insurance to benefit you, your policy has to be valid both when incidents occur and when they are filed. Occurrence coverage tends to be more rare, but it can cover incidents that happened during the time period you had a valid policy, even if the policy has since expired. If you ever need to switch providers, make sure there isn’t a gap in the coverage, or you could be left exposed. Tail and prior act coverage can further protect you during those in-between periods. The coverage details can be confusing, but insurance professionals can help you make sure you have the allied malpractice insurance that covers you adequately as you go about your professional duties.