The Benefits of Insuring a Minority Business Enterprise in Maryland


A minority business enterprise is a company that is operated, controlled, and owned by an American citizen who is also a minority, at least 51% of the time. Minorities include African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. These business owners have some unique risks that they face in business each day and should be properly protected by insurance. The following are some benefits of having insurance for a minority business enterprise.


  • Protection against discrimination – Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are still intent on discrimination of minorities. They may vandalize your place of employment, steal from you, or inflict other forms of damage on the company. Proper insurance will provide financial compensation to rebuild after discriminatory acts.
  • Protection against a breach – Just like any company, yours is prone to a breach by hackers on the internet. Because so much of business is done through on-line venues, it is essential to have the protection that insurance brings in case of such a situation. With proper compensation, you can fix the breach more quickly.
  • Protection against disasters – You can’t predict when there will be a flood, a hail storm, or other disasters that could damage some aspect of your business. Proper protection will provide the funds needed to repair the damage.


As a minority business enterprise in Maryland, you need to protect yourself against the risks that you face. Speaking to an insurance provider can help you to do that.


photo credit: I_am_Allan cc