The Benefits of a Return-To-Work Program

Workers compensation insurance can cover the medical bills for an injured employee, but it can’t replace a good employee who works hard for you. Studies show that the longer a worker remains off the job, the less likely they are to return. Return-to-work programs are plans that get an injured worker back to work as soon as medically possible. Many workers compensation brokers partner with insurance carriers to develop this plan for insured employers. Employees and employers can benefit from return-to-work programs.

Benefits for Employees

Here are some of the ways a return-to-work program enhances employee relations:

  • Programs often increase morale because employees know you care about their well-being.
  • This program can keep injured employees in their current position, reducing stress and worry.
  • Employees can retain skills and keep up with licensees more effectively when there is a plan to get them back to work.

Benefits for Employers

Better employee function and morale means the following things for you:

  • Employee turnover is typically reduced because you retain good employees even if you have to adjust work duties when they return.
  • The return-to-work program can improve employee relations because employees know you care about their welfare.
  • This program can positively affect your workers compensation costs.

Employee Safety

Workers compensation brokers have many insurance programs that can be tailored to your business needs. Consider a return-to-work program to help injured employees get the care they need following an on-the-job accident while helping them return to work expeditiously.