Your Teen Just Drove Through the Garage Door – She Is So Grounded!


Your teen calls you every day once she gets home from school. It was the agreement you made when she earned her driver’s license and you gave her the best sweet-16 birthday present ever. Yes, she’s a young woman, but she still has to let you know she made it home from school safely. You smile when your office line rings at the normal afternoon time; that is, until you pick up the phone and your daughter is in hysterics. She didn’t mean to do it! She really didn’t! Will car insurance in Virginia cover her car when she just drove it through the garage door?

After you inhale a few deeps breaths, you ask her how this happened, which prompts an end to her sobs and complete silence. Your mind is racing; you have full liability/property damage coverage on her car and a homeowner’s policy. Everything should be insured. You press her to answer the question and she finally admits that she retrieving her phone from her purse. You flip, and her sobs return. Nonetheless, if you hold the best car insurance in Virginia and a comprehensive home policy, you should be able to file a claim to repair the damages to her car and your garage door. How you ground her is up to you.