Technology Contractors May Need Specialized Coverage


It is the nature of the technology industry to be continuously evolving. That evolution includes how people in technology fields are pursuing employment. Technology workers are some of the most mobile professionals. Staffing firms that furnish tech workers to clients may need to review the types of temporary staffing insurance they carry to make sure that everyone involved is sufficiently protected.


Employee Benefits Provided


It is in the best interest of staffing companies to protect the client and employee alike. Temporary technology jobs may span a considerable time. Workers’ compensation supplies a necessary benefit for the long-term temporary employee.


Protecting the Client


Crime insurance, also known as fidelity insurance, provides coverage in the case of criminal activity such as theft or burglary. Temporary staffing insurance may also cover a contractor for non-owned auto liability when a vehicle other than the client’s is used for business.


Adjusting Coverage for Tech


Adequate coverage for occurrences such as data loss is essential to the client who is hiring technology professionals. Another important policy is excessive umbrella liability. This is a policy that lives up to its name. It provides coverage over the limits of other policies and/or coverage for losses not addressed by other policies.


In the technology industry, developments can alter the field quite rapidly. Temporary staffing insurance that considers cyber liability endeavors to keep pace with emerging liability needs, so staffing firms can provide the highest quality pool of technology professionals.