Spring is Around the Corner. Is Your Classic Car Ready?

You took the time to properly store your classic car during the winter months. Even with parts of the country still frozen, spring is coming. The idea of hitting the road on the first spring day can excite any car owner. Before you hit the road, prepare your classic car for warmer weather and protect it with classic car insurance in NJ.


Before you move the car, perform a visual inspection. Storing in the garage offers some protection from the elements, but cold air can seep through and crack belts and hoses. Tire pressure changes happen with temperature fluctuations. Wiring, lights, wiper blades, all fluids and the battery should be part of your inspection.


Repair or replace anything that is cracked or damaged. Worn out fuses or lights should also be replaced for safe driving. Start it with the garage door open for a final inspection.


Once your car is up and running, wash, dry and wax the exterior. The clean finish helps you see any new dents or dings accrued during its storage. Enjoy all the stares as you cruise down the road.

A little care and classic car insurance in NJ can keep your classic car safely on the road for years to come. Be prepared for something to happen and enjoy the scenery passing by your windows.