Special Apartment Insurance Considerations for Landlords


Owning real estate can be an excellent business and investment decision. Renting out properties as a professional landlord can also be a very lucrative business as long as you are doing it right. One of the things that you need to make sure to do as a commercial property owner, however, is have adequate apartment insurance in San Francisco for each of your rentals. Here are just three options that you need to talk to your qualified insurance company about.


Business property insurance covers your building, equipment, and the income you receive from tenants as a property owner in case something happens and tenants leave, or your units or building are damaged or equipment is stolen.


Tenants or other people who come onto your premises may experience injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents or other occurrences. Business liability insurance helps protect you from liability lawsuits.


As a property owner, you might have employees. Not all of your employees might be completely trustworthy. Crime insurance in terms of commercial properties covers loss from crimes committed by employees or by third parties such as vandalism, theft, or forgery.

Building Ordinance

If a natural disaster comes along and destroys part of your building, building ordinance coverage is going to cover the costs to get your building back up to code. Whether you own one rental, or you own an entire apartment or condominium complex, apartment insurance in San Francisco is going to be a major concern for you. Make sure that you approach it right and work with the right agent to ensure that you have sufficient coverage.