South Florida Property Insurance and Claims Reporting

South Florida property insurance

It simply cannot be stressed enough the fact that, the more thorough and prepared a homeowner is after a catastrophic event, the better their odds of receiving relief and assistance in a prompt manner. Listed here are a few key things to consider before and after a major storm, not the least of which is to have property insurance in South Florida, in amounts that can aid in restoring the property to its former condition.


In difficult times, remaining calm is vital


Property owners can be very emotional at these times. The may have lost nearly everything due to a hurricane or a powerful storm that has wreaked havoc in the area where they live. It is important to contact the agent or insurer and promptly file the claim and to provide as much information requested by the insurer as possible.


Write down the claim number and post it somewhere prominent in the house and office, since it will be needed every time there is a discussion with the insurer regarding the claim.Another good idea is to create a notebook to document every communication with the insurer, including the date, time and a summary of the conversation, and also to keep track of the status of the claim.


By creating this paper trail, and confirming any communication or promises made in person or by phone, there will be a record of events, which can confirm that things are progressing in a timely manner (or not). It could be helpful to follow-up with a short email or letter.


List everyone involved in the process


Find out the name of the insurance company’s staff adjuster assigned to the claim and write it down. An insurer will typically send an independent adjuster, or hired contractor, to the home to estimate damage. Since the adjuster generally is not authorized to make claims or payment decisions on behalf of the insurer,it will likely be necessary to follow up with the company employee who makes those decisions.


An inventory of valuables is essential


Insurers will require proof of damaged or lost items. Make out an inventory and take photos or videotape of possessions and label or list them and keep them in a safe place, perhaps away from the house. It is always good to be proactive in providing the insurance company proof of damage and asking for any claims payments required. But the most important thing is to keep South Florida property insurance in force and in adequate amounts.