Should You Insure Your Jewelry?


Throughout life, many people accumulate special pieces of jewelry. A lot of these pieces represent special milestones in life like an anniversary, engagement, or graduation. Since jewelry possesses such meaning and value, a lot of people consider it to be one of their most cherished possessions. For this reason, and others, it might be wise to insure your jewelry with insurance Princeton.

Insuring the Finer Things in Your Life

Most people assume that their homeowners insurance policy covers their valuables like jewelry. While this type of policy does provide some form of protection for the things you own, it might not fully cover all of the jewelry in your closet. This means you might not be able to recover the damages if your jewelry gets stolen or destroyed in a fire. For this reason, a special policy may be needed to cover all of your jewels.

How Much Should You Insure?

Since everyone’s jewelry collection is a little bit different, it is important to work with an insurance Princeton to determine how much coverage you will need. Together you can evaluate the worth of your jewelry. Then, you can choose the right amount of coverage for you. Most people prefer to choose enough coverage to be able to fully replace their entire collection.

Jewelry insurance can give you peace of mind, and it will protect the investments you make during the major milestones of your life.