Securing Classic Car Insurance on a Budget


If you think cars get better with age and are drawn to classic vehicles, don’t let the fear of high priced coverage hold you back. With a little planning and research, you can locate cheap classic car insurance for your next collectible and stay within your budget.


Stay Clean


Maintaining a clean driving record will do more than keep high-priced tickets out of your hands. It can drive down your insurance costs on a classic auto. Insurance companies will check your driving history before delivering a quote, and a spotless record will have an impact on premium costs. Check with the DMV or your current agent to obtain your record prior to applying for a quote to ensure there is no inaccurate information supplied on them.


Find a Specialty Insurer


Your standard insurance provider may seem like a sensible way to go since you already have history with them, but you are likely to find cheap classic car insurance with a company that makes it their business to know classic cars. A specialty provider understands that your car is worth more than the “standard cash value” of a depreciating asset and will take into consideration its value as a collectible.


Minimize Mileage


Another way to lower your premium is to limit the miles you drive in your classic carriage. The less time it spends on the road, the fewer chances there will be to get into a fender bender. Limit driving to special events and shows.


Take time to do your homework and educate yourself on the various policies available to you. Cheap classic car insurance is, indeed, an option and can save you money to put towards your next set of classic wheels.