Safety Issues in Trucking

Owners of commercial truck fleets and individual drivers must be very conscientious about safety. Here are some key components of safe driving that they should be attentive to.

Treacherous Road Conditions

Unfortunately, bad weather usually doesn’t mean that a commercial driver should stay off the road. Instead, drivers have to use extra caution when driving in inclement conditions, and they have to be mindful of the possibility of other drivers failing to take appropriate caution. Of course, truckers should follow state directives about weather emergencies when people need to refrain from driving altogether.

Distracted Driving

One of the most increasingly important safety topics in trucking is distracted driving. Many drivers take their eyes off the road to look at their phones. Truckers need to watch for signs of distracted driving and take care to never drive while distracted themselves.

Road Rage

Violent altercations on the road are becoming more commonplace. Truckers must never engage with drivers who are exhibiting any type of road rage.

Load Balancing

Trucks carrying heavy loads may be vulnerable to tip when cargo isn’t balanced evenly. Truckers must evaluate the distribution of materials before they hit a road and continue to do so over the course of a route if they make deliveries in more than one place.