Risks of a Valet Service

Running a valet company comes with certain risks. Your customers trust their property in your employees’ hands. What happens when damage occurs? This is where valet liability comes into play. Learn a little bit more about where your business could be held liable in certain circumstances.

Employee Damage

What if one of your employees backs your customer’s car into a pole in the parking garage? Maybe another employee accidentally collides with another in the garage. Mistakes happen. However, you could find yourself liable if your customer’s vehicles sustain damage. 

Customers will likely expect some sort of compensation to repair the damage done. 

Risks in the Parking Garage

Other elements could also add to your liability. Depending on geographic location, certain natural disasters could damage the parking garage. For example, what if an earthquake causes debris to fall onto customers’ vehicles? 

Additionally, there are vandalism and theft risks to account for as well. 

Owning a valet business comes with understanding valet liability. Learning about these risks can give you a chance to mitigate them. For example, you can put measures in place to protect customer property. You can also consider insurance policies to help protect you from potential damages. Preparing now can save you time and money later.