Restaurant Insurance: Coverage For Potential Issues


The frenetic pace of a restaurant is one that only an employee of one can truly understand. Hazards seem to be around literally every step, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. Floors in the back often become caked with grease and grime, while dining rooms may be soiled from spills.

These potential calamities can be compounded by day-to-day issues such as failing coolers that can cause food spoilage. Serving unnoticed spoiled food may lead to food poisoning, which can prove lethal to customers. Equipment failures can also cause physical damage to the building. These unforeseen expenses can torpedo a restaurant’s bottom line.

Insuring Against Disaster

Insurance products can help restaurants minimize financial damage from major calamities or accidents. Certain companies may offer services that guard against losses related to utility interruptions, among other issues. Restaurant insurance in California is available for losses from general liability to loss of income.

Specialized Products

Some companies offer insurance products that protect restauranteurs from specific types of losses. Some of those eatery-geared products include

  • Liquor liability
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Employee benefits liability

Protecting Assets

Restaurant insurance in California can protect establishments from calamities in and out of the kitchen. Any major issue can sink a restaurant, so this type of protection is recommended for the savvy owner.