Reducing Common Insurance Risks


Every restaurant requires fine dining insurance in Tennessee. Without it, you are going to face some difficulties in the event something happens. However, prevention is always the preferable course of action, so here are a few ways you can reduce the chances of needing to call upon your insurance coverage.

Get Bartenders to Check IDs

If your establishment serves alcohol, you can face severe legal repercussions if you are caught selling alcohol to minors. To prevent this, make sure your staff members are well-versed in checking IDs and spotting fake IDs. It requires a little extra work, but it is definitely worth it.

Clean Up Spills

Whether your server or a customer spills something, it is a safety hazard. If someone ends up slipping, you could be facing a hefty lawsuit. Make sure you have a “Wet Floor” sign at the ready to inform people to watch out for an area. Additionally, make sure a spill is promptly cleaned up.

Several other preventative measures can be taken, including having a fire extinguisher at the ready to put out a fire. While it is impossible to 100 percent prevent accidents, you can reduce some of the more common ones that have the potential to sink a restaurant. Above all else, make sure your fine dining insurance in Tennessee is current.