Recovering from Stolen Data


For a lot of business owners, the thought of important data being stolen is a nightmare. Everyone hears stories about businesses being hacked and bank information stolen. When this happens, how do you rebuild? What can you do to recover?

Business Costs

After a data breach, your business may suffer. It may take you some time to get your business back up and running again. If this is the case, data loss insurance usually has coverage that can help cover the costs of interrupted business.

Reimbursement Costs

When a data breach occurs, you may lose a lot of money. Sometimes, old employees or hackers will try to extort your company. Having the right coverage will give you some peace of mind, however. After all, the coverage may cover the costs and reimburse you for your losses.

Lawsuit Money

When data has been breached, clients and employees may file a lawsuit. Often, it’s the company that is liable for the information lost. If there is an award that has to be paid, instead of going into debt due to the problem, having data loss insurance can help you cover those awards and fees.
It can be a stressful, difficult time when you’re dealing with data loss. Having good insurance coverage, however, can take some of that worry away.