Protecting Your Facility Is Possible With Insurance Programs for Addiction


Providing a space for addiction recovery classes and sessions offers many benefits to those struggling with ongoing substance abuse issues. However, building-owners allowing these functions to take place on their property must possess the right insurance to remain fully protected.


The following are just a few policies that are typically included in insurance programs for addiction centers. In some cases, these policies may need to be supplemented by additional insurance products for truly complete coverage.


General Liability


In the event a third party is injured or suffers property damage on your premises, general liability can afford reliable financial support. This money can be used for damages incurred, as well as any ensuing legal costs.


Professional Liability


Also known as errors and omissions coverage, these policies protect those affording professional services should those services result in some type of damage or loss. This coverage goes a step beyond general liability policies.


Property Insurance


Property insurance covers everything from actual physical structures to any contents kept inside. If a building or items within are damaged, this insurance will provide coverage for replacements and repairs.


The Right Insurance for Continued Care


Insurance programs for addiction centers can help lessen risks, which is important for the continuation of useful treatment sessions. Not only do these policies protect building-owners, they also help those in recovery access the continued support they need to maintain a sober lifestyle.