Protect Your Uniform Rental Business

With any business, there are risks that require insurance for protection. However, when a business rents out something to customers there are added risks, including how the goods are handled outside of the work environment and whether or not they will be returned. When those goods are uniforms, a uniform rental insurance plan is especially important because clothing can be damaged by customers and workers alike.

Damage and Loss

An obvious case would be something becoming damaged or lost while it’s being rented out. Replacing the article of clothing can be costly, especially if you need to do so on a regular basis. Uniform rental insurance offers protection if these items need to be replaced. Otherwise, the business will end up paying for new uniforms every time something is damaged or lost. This can negatively affect the company’s profits.

Pollution Liability

Something specific to clothing businesses is the use of various chemicals and solvents for cleaning. Because multiple articles of clothing are being cleaned at the same time, mix-ups can happen, often resulting in staining, bleaching or other types of damage. Getting coverage for these kinds of accidents is important, as this can be a daily risk.

Ensuring the protection of your business is important. Specific businesses often have unique qualities that need special coverage, so uniform rental insurance can be tailored to a rental service’s needs.