Protect Your Jet Ski Rental With Insurance Coverage

While you offer an exciting service to those who love jet-skiing, like a jet ski rental, you also have a lot of risks. Do you have adequate jet ski insurance coverage?

Common Jet Ski Claims

One of the most common claims occurs when a person collides with another watercraft or the dock and causes damage or injury. Since you rented out the jet skis, the parties involved may blame it on your negligence. Jet ski accidents can lead to serious injuries and even the death of other parties. Without adequate insurance coverage, your business could go bankrupt due to lawsuits and the legal fees associated with them.

Jet Ski Insurance Protections

Jet ski business insurance provides liability coverage to your company. Liability coverages may include third-party liability for injury, third-party liability for property damage and physical damage. Third-party coverages are policies that cover you if someone becomes injured while operating a personal watercraft or if you cause damage to someone’s property. Physical damage, on the other hand, covers any damages to your watercraft while in the hands of another person.

If you rent jet skis, you need to make sure that you have protection against any liability claims. If a person becomes injured while using your watercraft, you need coverage to handle the costs.