Protect Yourself with Bill of Lading Insurance


The movement of goods and merchandise is a process with many cogs. Goods are made, stored, shipped, stored again, until they are eventually bought. Anyone who plays a part in this process could be liable if the goods get damaged. Bill of lading insurance protects anyone involved in the shipment process from claims of damage or mishandling.


Domestic forwarders are one example of businesses that will benefit from having this insurance. These businesses take responsibility for goods when they accept payment for moving them. Any loss or damage that happens to the goods en-route could be damage for which the carriers are held responsible. Having the right insurance will provide protection against this.


Another type of business that could benefit from having good cargo and transportation insurance is warehousing. Holding goods and merchandise could make you responsible for what happens to it while it is in your care. Even if nothing happens while you have the goods, you could be held liable if they arrive to their final destination with damage.


Whether a business moves goods by sea, land, or air or they simply hold them for a period of time, the business must realize the risk that comes with providing this service. The goods become the responsibility of whoever possesses them for a time and if they sustain damage someone will have to pay. Good bill of lading insurance can protect your business from this risk.