Properly Protecting Your Marine Repair Business


If you’re in the marine repair business, you don’t need to be told that what you and your team do is truly in a class by itself. Your clients are counting on you to make their damaged or compromised seagoing vessels good as new (if not better), and that comes alongside its share of unique challenges. You need an insurance policy created with your business’s unique needs in mind so that you’re thoroughly protected.

What Might Your Specialized Policy Cover?

As covered by Merrimac Marine, marine repairers insurance addresses industry-specific concerns that wouldn’t necessarily be issues for another type of business, so you’re completely covered should a loss, injury, or unforeseen circumstance ever occur. Examples of services covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Engine rebuilds, replacements, and repair work.
  • Cleaning, painting, refinishing or detailing of a wide variety of marine vessels.
  • Installation, repair, or cleaning of boat upholstery and other marine soft goods.
  • Installation or repair of marine electronics or lighting.

Where To Go for Coverage

Those in the business of marine repair should always purchase their policy from a company that specializes in insuring marine businesses in particular. Such a company will be in the best position to advise you on how to proceed, put together personalized coverage for your unique business, and make sure every base is covered so that you’re protected no matter what. Get covered today!