Professional Liability Coverage Requires Specialized Expertise


Any business that offers its clients a service or advice could benefit from the protection of professional liability insurance. General liability differs from professional liability in that it may largely relate to physical damages, and does not cover claims relating to failure to perform, negligence, misrepresentation, or inaccurate advice resulting in financial loss. Whether the client is a lawyer, an accountant, or a software company owner, as a retail agent your source for effective individual coverage is a knowledgeable professional liability wholesaler.


The level of exposure to these kinds of liability claims varies widely. It is for this reason that each claim may be written tightly or very loosely, depending on the needs of the insurance client. A professional liability wholesaler deals in the specialty markets that cover the type of liability that has to do with mistakes. They identify markets and assist the retail agent with the application process. The goal is to find the most appropriate coverage at the best premium for the professional client.


The application process may be simple or more complex, depending upon the type of coverage necessary. Pertinent information may include location of the business, the size of the firm, and the level of professional education, among other things. The professional liability wholesaler can provide the expertise to find the correct market to ensure that the retail agency is offering its clients the most relevant professional liability coverage for them.