Prevention and Protection: Covering Your Convenience Store From All Angles

Insurance agents can draft a convenience stores insurance package that covers everything from liability to equipment loss. Many insurance companies, however, recognize that it is in both your and their best interest to prevent occurrences that might prompt you to file a claim in the first place. Your convenience store has unique coverage and prevention needs.

Your coverage is likely to include many of the same policies other businesses require, such as liability, property, business interruption and workers’ compensation policies. There are additional protections you should discuss with your agent, though. As with any business that involves handling food, you need food spoilage and hepatitis coverage. It is also important to safeguard against losses from power failures, the potential malfunction of your pumps, and possible damages to your canopy.

Many agents offer risk management programs to curtail the need to file a claim against your convenience stores insurance policy. They can help you establish safety protocols for your business. They may even help you implement training for your employees to help reduce the number of accidents and mitigate losses.

When you own a business, it is important to have the tools you need. It is equally important, however, to have measures in place to protect them. Both prevention and protection are vital to your convenience store’s success.