Pollution Liability and Manufacturers Insurance in New York

As our society grows more environmentally aware, many more companies, including those participating in the manufacturing of certain goods and products, face new, and often unrecognized, pollution risks from their day to-day operations. Your clients, along with nearby businesses and residents, are much more concerned about the potential risks posed by activities that may lead to pollution issues.


With a far greater range of activities subject to continually evolving environmental laws and regulations on the federal, state and local level, businesses must protect themselves by carrying pollution liability coverage, which is one form of manufacturing insurance in New York. This heightened public awareness combined with intensified regulatory scrutiny, has increased the potential environmental exposures for businesses across the country.


Even as an environmentally conscious businessperson, you may not recognize the full extent of risks associated with your daily operations. Pollution liabilities can impact many commercial ventures, and manufacturers, by nature of the types of products they often produce, which can give rise to unexpected environmental liabilities.


A product malfunction at a client site may lead to pollution claims against your company. To guard against such liabilities, you may need to identify and properly manage your environmental exposures to the greatest possible extent.


The industry specifically underwrites pollution exposures and provides a wide range of tailored environmental coverages to help protect you from potentially significant environmental claims. This coverage is readily available and cost-effective for a wide array of businesses.


Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the public has become far more concerned about pollution and its effects on people, their homes, and the outside environment. A Gallup poll conducted in 2011 found that Americans worry most about the contamination of soil and pollution of waterways, drinking water and the air.


If you have concerns about specific pollutants, and which policies contain exclusions based on the different types of exposures, contact your agent for information about manufacturers insurance in New York and which specific pollution liability coverage you may need.