Overview of Food Contamination Insurance

Food contamination insurance

Food contamination can encompass a variety of circumstances, from accidental oversights to purposeful product interferences. In any case, the negative effects of these damaged products can be far-reaching throughout the distribution chain. Restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, processors, and all other establishments within the hospitality industry can be put at risk. Food contamination insurance is imperative to cover mishaps and oversights.

Comprehensive Combination of Policies

Because each company’s operational circumstances consist of unique factors, insurers often create an individualized approach to coverage. For example, food contamination insurance can often be combined with spoilage coverage, and food recall insurance is often conjoined with product recall policies.

Statistical Analysis of Food Contamination

According to a recent study, 1 out of every 6 U.S. citizens is exposed to food poisoning every year. The dangerous microbes, viruses and bacteria found within contaminated products are attributed to over 3,000 deaths and 125,000 hospitalizations annually. The coverage offered by general liability insurance or business property insurance programs can be limited in protecting against these kinds of losses. The only all-encompassing solution for any such instance of contamination is a food insurance policy that is designed specifically for these unfortunate occurrences.

Food contamination insurance experts possess extensive knowledge on all potential risk factors associated with the distribution chain. The coverage offered by these policies can help ensure that any future losses related to contamination can be effectively prevented far in advance.